The Internet of Things presents an enormous opportunity to transform the way we live and the way we do business. PCCW Solutions has unveiled
Infinitum™ Visum to empower state-of-the-art connectivity, enhance customer experience and enable enterprises to capitalize on business opportunities.

Infinitum™ Visum is an internet connected mirror with an interactive, high-definition touch screen, pre-loaded with a suite of innovative applications for personal convenience, entertainment and improved productivity. Customized Infinitum™ Visum versions with pre-defined packages of industry target applications are available for property developers, hospitality providers and retailers.

Infinitum™ Visum is built as an open IoT platform connecting easily to external systems and IoT smart devices through built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling users to simultaneously synchronize information on a common platform and manage data on cloud. Enterprises can integrate Infinitum™ Visum to their existing applications or external systems, like big data analytics, in order to enhance usability and business value.

Powered by innovative technologies, Infinitum™ Visum’s integrated solutions can enhance customer experience, boost brand loyalty and drive sales growth, all from one single platform.

Value propositions

  • Provide end-to-end solutions from software, hardware, integration services, big data analytics and seamless connectivity
  • An array of pre-defined packages of industry-specific applications are readily available for property, hospitality and retail industries
  • Offer software and hardware customization and user experience optimization tailored to meet different business needs
  • Achieve high Service Level Agreement with 24/7 support


Infinitum™ Visum enables enterprises of various industries to drive sales and enhance customer experience, transforming the way people live, work and play.

Property industry

  • Enable property developers to bring home-automation innovations to residents
  • Enhance branding and commercial value of properties by elevating residents’ lifestyle

Retail industry

  • Allow shoppers to try on merchandise virtually, obtain item information, and check inventory to reduce workload of sales staff
  • Empower offline-to-online commerce and seamless shopping experience with personalization to drive sales

Hospitality industry

  • Enhance accommodation standards with integration of amenities reservation system, room automation and utilization management system, room services request system, hotel services rating and feedback system
  • Revolutionize guest experience to increase customer loyalty