HOP! Digital Logistics Platform

HOP! (House of Parcels) is an integrated digital logistics platform combining delivery and promotion, empowering retailers and e-commerce players to grow their businesses and extend their market reach.

HOP!’s network of 24x7 automated parcel locker machines (APM) is an innovative, cost-effective and secure service, enabling online shoppers to receive parcels anytime. This innovative digital logistics platform ensures no queues, no waiting, no closing time. Located in residential and commercial areas across Hong Kong. HOP! is always at a time and place that is convenient to end users.

How Does It Work?

How to Use HOP!


HOP! Network

Benefits to e-Merchants

  • Safe – Unique collection codes, CCTV, secure locks and solid steel locker construction
  • Enhanced Customer Service – An innovative and low cost delivery option for customers
    • Available Anytime – 24/7 opening hours
    • Quick and Simple – No queue. Pick up a parcel within 7 seconds by just a few click or QR code scanning.
    • Convenient – Multiple locations for selection. Save time and cost to access pick-up center.
    • Private – No matter what users buy, HOP lockers keep what’s personal private.

Benefits to Advertisers

The HOP! lockers located in high-traffic locations serve as an effective promotional channel for merchants. They are equipped to show videos ads on the LED screens installed on the lockers, and display print ads on the surface of the lockers.

  • Repetitive high impact
  • Cost-effective advertising
  • On target audience for impulse buying
  • Mass reach to a diversified audience

Benefits to Location Partners

  • Increase footfall
  • Increase revenue source
  • Innovative services for tenants and shoppers

Learn More

HOP! (House of Parcels) http://www.pccwsolutions.com/hop