PCCW Solutions' testing services is to ensure compliance to requirements and specifications, correctness and completeness of deliverables, monitor and control risk by uncovering errors and non-conformities for timely rectification, and, most importantly, maintain software quality to customer satisfaction.

PCCW Solutions believes testing as an integral part of software development and must be integrated in all development phases and stages in accordance with the following guiding principles:

  • Control and improve the quality of software continuously
  • Prevent, detect and correct quality problems as early as possible
  • Integrate testing activities into software development lifecycle
  • Adapt the testing method based on the needs and nature of software
  • Communicate with all stakeholders timely and clearly

PCCW Solutions has its own iterative Standard Testing Methodology that defines in detail the roles and responsibilities, testing cycles, testing methods, testing techniques, automated testing tools, issues handling and review mechanisms, communications, and so on. The Standard Testing Methodology starts from preventative reviews in the requirements collection, system analysis and design stages to discover requirement and design flaws, and security vulnerabilities as early as possible through to different levels of testing executions to increase reliability and assure quality of the deliverables. Apart from the Standard Testing Methodology, PCCW Solutions also has a broad range of expertise and skill sets to adapt the testing approach based on the unique customer requirements.