HQ Video Conferencing Service

Innovative deployment of state-of-the-art video conferencing technology is delivering the ultimate communications solution to meet your needs. Genuine HD video and top-quality audio assures you, your colleagues and associates of a meeting experience that feels as if you are all in the same room! Simply set up a call to connect multiple parties for face-to-face collaboration.

Our Cloud Video Conferencing Service supports a room-based set up, mobile tablet or mobile phone – easy to use and easy on your budget.

Key features

Genuine HD and high image quality

  • Real and lifelike video conferencing connects colleagues, partners or clients seamlessly
  • High-quality Cloud Video Conferencing Service captures fast motion

High audio quality

  • First-class audio with high dynamic range is able to play loud and quiet sounds simultaneously

Available on a wide range of mobile devices

  • You can connect people via conference room to desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones for the utmost flexibility

Ease of use

  • Simple online booking system and self-service conference management portal
  • No complicated downloads or setting up before video conferencing

Flexible and reliable service

  • Flexible charging plan that’s easy on your budget
  • Equipment hosted at a PCCW Solutions data center supported by premium Internet bandwidth

Advanced layout

  • Smart layout control with user-friendly web interface

Secure video conferencing

  • Every video call is protected by special codes to ensure a high level of security


  • Save travelling time and cost
  • Increased productivity and efficiency across dispersed workforces and teams
  • Borderless and real-time collaboration
  • Reduce upfront capital investment

Meets a corporation’s every need

  • Host sales demos with remote support to facilitate smooth closing of deals
  • Communicate with employees, customers or partners locally and overseas
  • Host events such as a wedding ceremony
  • Conduct online interviews, training, workshops or seminars
  • Conduct marketing webinars to generate leads
  • Equip with recording function


All monthly packages included

  • 12 months service contract
  • Video Conferencing setup fee will be waived for contract terms of more than 12 months

You can now enjoy a fully immersive video conferencing experience by taking advantage of our convenient Dedicated Port Subscription Plan. Please call our sales representatives for more information on this special offer – available for a limited time only.