Organizations in transportation industry are in need of sophisticated systems to manage their assets, information, operation and surveillance, in order to provide timely, relevant and high quality services and information to the end users.

PCCW Solutions delivers highly-sophisticated systems for transportation operators and airports based on extensive experience in transportation industry; enables service providers to furnish passengers with accurate and comprehensive service information in real time.

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New World First Ferry Services Limited (First Ferry) operates five main inner harbour and outlying-island ferry routes in Hong Kong, including North Point-Hung Hom and North Point-Kowloon City, as well as Central-Cheung Chau, Central-Mui Wo and Inter-Islands, together with one special ferry route between North Point and Joss House Bay, Sai Kung during Tin Hau Festival only. The five main routes record a daily traffic footfall up to 40,000 passengers (as of 30 June, 2014). First Ferry is jointly owned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited and NWS Holdings Limited. 

“First Ferry has never stopped at providing quality ferry services but keeps up with the times and strives for our best. By launching the ‘First Ferry Mobile App’, we aim to introduce a unique ferry service mobile app experience to the general public with all-in-one information on ferry services but also about outlying-island tourist attractions,” said Anthea Chau, Corporate Communications Manager of First Ferry.

PCCW Solutions was selected to provide the mobile application development consulting as well as system integration services. The development of “First Ferry Mobile App” was completed in four months.

Easy Access Anytime Anywhere

The newly launched “First Ferry Mobile App” not only allows users to access accurate and comprehensive ferry service information anytime, anywhere, but also furnishes the guide to outlying-island tourist attractions. Planning a wonderful trip is just so easy.

Smartphone users can download the mobile app for free by searching “First Ferry” in iTunes App Store and Android Play Store.

Key functions include:

  • Key functions include: Pop up of “Next Sailing” with related ferry information: the departure time and relevant information of the next sailing will be shown, counting from the moment the user enters the timetable.
  • Fare calculator: passengers can get an idea of travelling budget before their trips.
  • Travel guides to outlying islands: by turning on the GPS function of mobile phone, the app will list out nearby tourist hotspots on Cheung Chau and Mui Wo, accompanied with travel guides.
  • Real-time Message: passengers can interactively communicate with the Customer Service Officer, make enquiries or voice out

Award-winning Application

By launching the new mobile app, First Ferry has been awarded the Silver Awards (Mobile Application Stream) for Android and iOS respectively in the Web Accessibility Recognition Scheme 2014, co-organized by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) and Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC).

Dragonair serves 30 passenger destinations across Asia and its cargo service extends to cities in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, southeast Asia and mainland China. The airline decided to upgrade and standardize its procurement and operation process to manage the growing number of procurement transactions generated as its business grows. To manage purchasing, it had been using a self-developed system with no standardized workflow or approval procedures and which was not connected to the inventory-control system. Much paperwork was generated because many of the purchasing procedures were done manually. Dragonair was looking for an end-to-end system that would enhance operational efficiency by automating the airline's procurement and inventory processes.


Encouraging staff who had previously worked manually to shift to automatic devices was a big challenge. PCCW Solutions spent two weeks training nearly 20 warehouse and purchasing team leaders to operate the new system and new devices, such as barcode printers and wireless hand-held readers. We acted as a consultant in support of the team leaders who in turn trained their team members. During and after the training, users were impressed by the solution's efficiency in managing work processes and the easy-to-use interfaces. The barrier in adapting to the new way of working was removed. This critically contributed to the successful implementation of our solution.


PCCW Solutions integrated Oracle's e-Procurement product suite with PowerLogistics' self-developed eLMS (eLogistics Management System) warehouse management module to form an end-to-end electronic procurement system. We streamlined the purchasing process with a multi-tier authorization control and a proper approval procedure. The categorization and item coding of more than a thousand merchandize items was defined for the implementation of barcode reading. Stock in and out records are now automatically input into the system once the items are read by the hand-held devices. Automatic alerts are then sent to the other end of the system as a signal of release of payment. The open infrastructure of the system allows for future development with business expansion.

Value Created

The solution is providing a collaborative commerce network connecting users and suppliers of Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, which enables an end-to-end automation and streamlining of the procurement process. Besides the obvious benefit of gain in productivity, efficiency and flexibility, the solution can help realize tangible savings through information transparency, enforcement of company compliance, as well as strategic supplier management.


With its long, practical experience in PCCW's internal deployment of the e-procurement solution, PCCW Solutions proves its ability in procurement workflow consultation and system implementation. The solution for Dragonair has run smoothly and efficiently since its installation.

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