Data Center Design and Build

With more than 20 years’ experience in data center management in Asia Pacific, PCCW Solutions helps customers to design and build data centers, while providing operational and transfer services.

Our data centers are focused on providing a secure and reliable environment with managed hosting and security services, along with network and facilities management and monitoring. This demonstrates a solid capability in data center design and project management for large-scale projects running concurrently.

PCCW Solutions helps customers build extraordinary data centers according to our design-and-build principles of scalability, versatility, security and connectivity. Scalability requires the site to be flexible enough to meet client needs in space provision and equipment allocation. Versatility stands for implementation of high redundancy and diversity in electrical and other installations, such as MVAC systems and telecommunications network, to ensure operations are never compromised. Security covers how we can best protect a customer’s data and systems. Finally, Connectivity ensures use of multiple carriers with a dual lead-in policy to guarantee non-stop operation of services.